Welcome to the Unknown_Age official server

The server is based on island world generation, where your trying to survive alone or along with your friends: BE CAREFULL the sea is full of enemy mobs like abtu's(piranha) and flying raiko's(generally tedious birds), which makes it difficult to leave the island. But with the help of around 270 mods, which simplifies and advance the game exprience.
You have 2 options:
1. Staying defensive and guard your island.
2. Or going offensive and take the first steps into the sea.
Exploration Yields
~Pictures from the server~
Server Status:

Banned items *_*

Picture: Item: Reason: Mod: ID:
Thermal Evaporation ControllerLagMekanism1462:14
Wand focus: equal tradeBypasses claimThaumcraft4478
Cloud Horizon (all)Insta CrashThaumcraft2758
Magic Crayon (all)LagOpenBlocks2519:1
AntiMatter MissileBypasses claimDefenseTech5680:21
RedMatter MissileBypasses claimDefenseTech5680:22
RedMatterBypasses claimDefenseTech1480:22
AntiMatterBypasses claimDefenseTech1480:21
Industrial TNTBypasses claimIC2233
Require the modpack Unknown_Age to join